About Us

With many years of brilliant record PiraCo has followed modern global methods and rope-access techniques and is a practitioner in different industrial and service sectors.

Industrial rope-access was invented by Irata in 1980 for gas and oil companies and then it has been used in other industries and industrial affairs. Rope-access techniques shorten times and cut costs in industries, companies and enterprises. Therefore, it has received great attention across the world so that today the majority of great industrial projects are completed using this technique.

Piraco has conducted many projects with operational limitaionts such as:

  • limited space
  • inaccesable places
  • costly and time-consuming operations of conventional methods.

By adopting modern methods and tools, PiraCo has succeeded to cut cost, shorten project duration, and promote productivity. Considering the quality and safety level of services to be provided in accordance with employers’ requirements, accurate scheduling and time scope of services and binding to this time scope are the advantages differentiating PiraCo services from others.

PiraCo is composed of experienced, powerful and expert workforce in administrative units who are committed to the targets of this company and are attached to it. To this end, they perform operations and business missions with complete commitment in order to get the satisfaction and confidence of the employers of industrial and service projects.


Targets and Views

  • There is no impossible mission for PiraCo
  • Promotion of competitive advantage through developing domestic and extraterritorial project services
  • Commitment to the execution of business missions while observing international standards.
  • Getting the satisfaction and confidence of corporate managers and authorities by the accurate execution of business missions with the highest possible safety via reducing on-job probable risks and enhancing service level in terms of quality, cost and time.
  • Educating expert workforce in this field in order to supply human resource required by industries and companies, an promoting competitive advantage through enhancing professional abilities
  • Being committed to supplying equipment required by companies with the state of art standards and technology.
  • Promoting the quality of service (QoS)
  • Sustainable development of the culture of safety, health and environment in organizations
  • Directing industrial and civil authorities in line with safety, health and environment requirements

PiraCo is committed to continuous improvement, understanding of and meeting customers’ needs via satisfying requirements mentioned in contracts and technical specifications. In addition, it is committed to assure the conformity of services with environmental standards as well as the rules and instructions set for workplace health and safety, to avoid environment contamination, and to improve energy consumption, safety resources and employees’ health.